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Workforce Development

NNI is dedicated to educating and training the highly specialized workforce of engineers, researchers and technicians needed to meet the growing demands of industry. NNI offers undergraduates engaging research opportunities through which they can gain hands-on nanofabrication and characterization experience. Students gain important professional and technical skills such as project management and instrument operation, while working on interdisciplinary working teams with members from government, industry, and academia.

NNI has also offered several nanofabrication short-courses at the Washington Nanofabrication Facility. The five-day survey course is offered to students, faculty and industry professionals, as an introduction to key nanofabrication techniques, tools and methods. This intensive course includes lectures coupled with hands-on laboratory sessions to give attendees a more thorough understanding of fabrication technologies as well as firsthand experience using fabrication equipment.


NNI is engaging K-through-gray audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest region to increase knowledge of nanoscale science and engineering and its application to real-world issues. NNI participates in a number of K-12 and community STEM outreach events throughout the region including science fairs, STEM career fairs, Nano Day at the Pacific Science Center, and events on the University of Washington campus such as Engineering Discovery Days and Native American Student Day.