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University of Washington

Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF)

MAF is a publicly-accessible user facility specializing in a wide range of surface and bulk materials characterization methods. Housed in the Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute, the MAF offers academic and industry users access to microscopy, spectroscopy and surface science instruments. Users can be trained to independently perform experiments, or an experienced staff member can perform experiments for users.

MAF Website

Oregon State University

Ambient Pressure Surface Characterization Laboratory (APSCL)

APSCL has unique capabilities for preparation and characterization of samples in a range of environments. The APSCL has two main instruments which can be used for a range of surface characterization measurements. The primary capabilities available at APSCL are X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and scanning tunneling microscopy (STM).

APSCL Website

Materials Synthesis & Characterization Facility (MaSC)

MaSC is the only publicly accessible cleanroom in the state of Oregon. MaSC offers a range of characterization capabilities including optical and electrical measurements in the cleanroom, or the use of AFM, XRD, and XPS in satellite laboratories.

MASC Website

Oregon Process Innovation Center (OPIC)

OPIC supports the development of a sustainable photovoltaics industry which can produce environmentally-friendly, low-cost versions of high efficiency solar cells.

OPIC Website